Heaven Is Attached by A Slender Thread by The One AM Radio // Album Review

Heaven Is Attached by A Slender Thread By The One Am Radio.

The One Am Radio can be described as a Folk-electronic. Composer and songwriter Hrishikesh Hirway chill vocals and ambient up-beat arrangements make The One Am Radio’s latest effort ‘Heaven Is Attached by A Slender Thread’ catchy yet well worth a listen. This album musically has less the singer songwriter vibe more intricate electronic arrangements but still a soft ambient feel. Lyrically The One Am Radio songs are mostly about experiences or thoughts from a personal perspective. Also lyrically it’s never as straight forward for you to think ‘wow this is a great love song’ but it mostly captures the feeling of love, loss or separation. I find that the songs are self-reflective and honest. All the songs also seem to have a quaint melodic essence that keeps you swaying while letting you submerse into almost gritty and personal reality.

I am finding it hard to pick a song from this album that is my favourite mainly because it depends on the mood I wish to revel in but the immediate stand outs are ‘In A City Without Seasons’ & ‘Everything Falls Apart’ for its dance-worthiness. Also ‘Sunlight’ & ‘The Heat’ because it’s immediate idea to be on a summertime jams compliation. And listen to ‘Everyone But You’ & ‘Ticking Heart’ when you’ve been letting that certain someone get under your skin.

Check out the The One Am Radios website here. Also their Myspace. Purchase their record on SoundCloud and listen to Remixes + Collaborations.

Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread by The One Am Radio was release in early 2011 on Danger Bird Records. Also check out other LPs. ‘This Too Will Pass’ (2007) Danger Bird Records. A Name Writ In Water (2004) Level Plane Records. CD released by Translucence and Alone Records, LP released by The Electric Human Project

In A City Without Seasons by The One Am Radio

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