A Tribe Called Red // Music

Their BlogSpot title is ‘Everybody wants to be native but nobody
wants to be Native’. This is true [looking at you Hipster girls in your culturally appropriative ware], you know what else is true? that fusing Pow Wow and dubstep or any other kind of electronic music is genius! I’ve seen around Vancouver at local shows where electronic artists mix in Native songs in with their sets but this isn’t coming from originators it’s coming from appreciators. A Tribe Called Red isn’t the latter. A Tribe Called Red are Deejays Shub, Bear Witness and NDN. Shub is a DMC champion, so I am told. I look forward to hearing more from them! Like A Tribe Called Red on FB here & their Tumblr goodness here. Also their SoundCloud for some goodies & remixxxxes here.

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