Trifecta & Mo’ Fun City Presents: Spread // ART

Video by Chase Porter.

Presented by Trifecta and Mo’ Fun City


50 artists, 4 weeks

1 Big Opening, June 3rd

At Chapel Arts, Vancouver, B.C.

Trifecta is a artist collective that’s mission is to showcase artists because with funding cut in the BC Arts community there are many opportunities and artists with little to work with. A passion for creating an Arts movement in Vancouver, Trifecta along with Mo’ Fun City presents Spread. Spread is guaranteed to be full of talented artists, check it out.

Ken Lum Exhibition // Art

I went to the Ken Lum exhibition @ The Vancouver Art Gallery. Check out for show information.

“Like mirrors he often employs, Ken Lum’s three decades of work can be seen as a powerful reflective device. Addressing the social and psychological forces that define our contemporary existence, this art confronts us with our own active participation in these forces and reveals the strategies we employ to negotiate them in our everyday public and private lives” excerpt from the user guide.//

Beyond Wonderland Show// Art

When I heard about the Beyond Wonderland show presented by Around The Way through a friend and being lucky enough to see what kind of work was going to be shown I knew I wanted to go. Beyond Wonderland the shows Theme which each Artist conveyed was imagery exploring Fairy Tales like Alice In Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood. The show was held close my realm of things, located at The Box Studios in EastVan.

Like most group shows I’ve been to this show was full of many great local Artists & Photographers.
Most Artists portrayed their idea of beyond Wonderland in Avant Garde or less than conventional way, no DisneyLand animations here. Saying that the title Beyond Wonderland is more than apropos.

Jesso Reno // Artist

when everything is right grow into circles I recently dropped by Ayden Gallery and was captivated by the choices in some of the Art being shown. They usually show a mix of Graffiti influenced Art and contemporary art that is on cutting edge of visuals for twenty somethings. I’ve always enjoyed their selections but this time something caught my eye not just because it was esthetically pleasing, it was the iconic indigenous imagery layered with symbolism fixed in a deeper meaning almost dream like yet primitive that struck me.

After looking at his site I am for sure going to be looking out for his work.
Jesse Reno’s website