FAMALAM JAM by Gnucci Banana // New Music

AKA Gnucci Banana is Ana Rab and she is Swedish, her music is hype and danceable. It makes you want hit the dance floor hard, so mad respect for this Woman. She has done some great work with not only her other half Spoek Mathambo like their song with Tim Turbo called Hush (Iggy, Iggy). The magic happens with Munich Dj Duo Schlachthofbronx. I’ve found most of this goodness over at MAN RECORDINGS. My favourite song is FAMALAM JAM, but check out ‘Coolie Fruit’ and ‘Ayoba’. Check this girls tweets @gnuccibanana too!


Watch the video too H E R E.

Left Overs by PS I Love You + Diamond Rings // Music

Have you heard this PS I Love You + Diamond Rings together in the song ‘Left Overs’? For those of you who’ve only heard John O as Diamond Rings this song has harder edge, co-written by both acts this song was released as a 7″ early this year. Featuring unheard B-sides from PS I Love You’s acclaimed LP ‘Meet Me At The Mustard Station’, besides ‘Left Overs’ there is ‘A-D’ & ‘Mystery Shirt’. PS I Love You’s gritty & intense vocals layered with noise-y guitars backed only by drums creates a neat angst musical package. Both these bands made it on the long list of 2011’s Polaris Prize. Good luck to both of them to the next round.

Purchase Left Overs by PS I Love You + Diamond Rings on Paper Bag Records here.

Left Overs by PS I Love You + Diamond Rings

Repatriated by Handsome Furs // New Music

Repatriated by Handsome Furs

Since Wolf Parade is officially done, all that us longtime fans have left is Handsome Furs. It’s not the same but it’s something I equally enjoy that you should check out. Handsome Furs next album ‘Sound Kapital’ comes on SubPop Records on June 28th, 2011. This is the latest from them.

Did you see the artwork for ‘Sound Kapital’? it’s not safe for work.

A Tribe Called Red // Music

Their BlogSpot title is ‘Everybody wants to be native but nobody
wants to be Native’. This is true [looking at you Hipster girls in your culturally appropriative ware], you know what else is true? that fusing Pow Wow and dubstep or any other kind of electronic music is genius! I’ve seen around Vancouver at local shows where electronic artists mix in Native songs in with their sets but this isn’t coming from originators it’s coming from appreciators. A Tribe Called Red isn’t the latter. A Tribe Called Red are Deejays Shub, Bear Witness and NDN. Shub is a DMC champion, so I am told. I look forward to hearing more from them! Like A Tribe Called Red on FB here & their Tumblr goodness here. Also their SoundCloud for some goodies & remixxxxes here.

Why Even Try by Theophilus London // FRiDAZE SONG

As apart of Diamond Rings latest musical adventures he decided to do a Remix Rainbow featuring artists like Austra, Motem and Miracle Fortress. Remix Rainbow Part Four features Theophilus London check that here. Regardless it’s a more than worthy FRiDAZE SONG on it’s own. Plus it features Vancouver’s Sara Quin from Tegan & Sara.

Check out Diamond Rings Rainbow Remix, two left I believe Orange and Red on his site here.

Get In Or Get Out by Matters // Music Video

The band D’Urbervilles with Diamond Rings glam boy John O, are now Matters. This is their first video Directed by Colin Medley and Jared Raab featuring Colin Smith. I can spot John O. can you?
Purchase their 7′ release at Hype Lighter or purchase digitally over at the Matters BandCamp.

Check out Matters on their site here & BandCamp & Like them on FB.

Heaven Is Attached by A Slender Thread by The One AM Radio // Album Review

Heaven Is Attached by A Slender Thread By The One Am Radio.

The One Am Radio can be described as a Folk-electronic. Composer and songwriter Hrishikesh Hirway chill vocals and ambient up-beat arrangements make The One Am Radio’s latest effort ‘Heaven Is Attached by A Slender Thread’ catchy yet well worth a listen. This album musically has less the singer songwriter vibe more intricate electronic arrangements but still a soft ambient feel. Lyrically The One Am Radio songs are mostly about experiences or thoughts from a personal perspective. Also lyrically it’s never as straight forward for you to think ‘wow this is a great love song’ but it mostly captures the feeling of love, loss or separation. I find that the songs are self-reflective and honest. All the songs also seem to have a quaint melodic essence that keeps you swaying while letting you submerse into almost gritty and personal reality.

I am finding it hard to pick a song from this album that is my favourite mainly because it depends on the mood I wish to revel in but the immediate stand outs are ‘In A City Without Seasons’ & ‘Everything Falls Apart’ for its dance-worthiness. Also ‘Sunlight’ & ‘The Heat’ because it’s immediate idea to be on a summertime jams compliation. And listen to ‘Everyone But You’ & ‘Ticking Heart’ when you’ve been letting that certain someone get under your skin.

Check out the The One Am Radios website here. Also their Myspace. Purchase their record on SoundCloud and listen to Remixes + Collaborations.

Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread by The One Am Radio was release in early 2011 on Danger Bird Records. Also check out other LPs. ‘This Too Will Pass’ (2007) Danger Bird Records. A Name Writ In Water (2004) Level Plane Records. CD released by Translucence and Alone Records, LP released by The Electric Human Project

In A City Without Seasons by The One Am Radio